To Do List

I am on a mini-break today and thought I’d just give my to-do list as a diary entry:

To Do List: 23 August 2013

1.Review the second half of Barry’s Theory before ‘Theory’- Liberal Humanism and Eagleton, Literature and the Rise of English in Walder (1)
2.Read Hamlet (5) [due 5th Sep]*****
2.1Read Introduction to Hamlet (5)**
2.2 Read online sources pg 20 of guide (2)
2.3 Watch a film version of the play (3)
2.4 Activities pp.22-8 (16)*****

3.Read Barry Chapter 6 (4)*****
4.Read Montgomery Units 7 and 23 (4)*****
5.Read Walder Language and Gender (4)*****
6.1 Read Samuel Beckett’s play (1)***
6.2 Read Taylor, Stage Writing (5)***
6.3 Watch a film version. Find out if there is a live stage performance in English and book tickets. (1)
6.4 Exercises (15) [by 5th Sep]**

7.Anderson, Writing Fiction. Cluster writing and free write (1/3) [until 26th Aug]**
7.1 150 words dichotomy or different co-ordinates (1/4)***
7.2 Morning pages (1/2) [until at least 11 September]**
7.3 300 words about books that were important to me and why. 5 min. on my favourite poem (1/3)***
7.4 5-10 min. reading a newspaper or magazine, for unlikely material. Radio, to a talk station and see if any topic or phrase grabs my attention, is evocative or highly charged. (1/5)***
7.5. Haiku (1/2) [on 28th Aug and on 4th Sep]
7.6 A letter of 300 words from the character produced in Activity 2.2 (1/2)***

Next: Approaches to Text Chapter 1 [by 12th September]**

Stars indicate the degree of importance from 1 star being the least important to 5 stars being very important.


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