What tools lie underneath

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I wrote this poem in response to an exercise in FutureLearn How to Make a Poem.


What tools lie beneath


As a day unfolds in a household like mine,

the brilliance of light filters

Through the reflected windows of this room,

casting shadows not off-kilter.


I dare to explain to my visitors here,

what of interest stands by the balcony —

The leafy green acanthus plant

sitteth, should I say, languidly.


‘Oh, what an exotic thing you have,’

they exclaim with a grin.

Their faces turn from joy to despair

upon finding a creepy crawley within.


‘It is only a spider, do not worry,’

I answer. With a raised hand

I show them what waiteth

on the dining table grand.


‘You like yoghurt smoothies as much as I do,

why don’t you try this drink?’

‘Delighted to,’ answer they in chorus,

with their glasses raised, they clink.


‘Next, you’ll see my bedroom here,’

only a hammer lying on a table.

It catches the sight of one keen observer,

only a brush out of sable.


‘It is not important,’ she says, ‘what they are,

they come in handy when

One is sleepless, bored or else have nothing

to do, or even bedridden.’


I let the guests imagine stories

but inside of me giggles

When yesterday a painting my boyfriend

had hung and left me no longer single.


Their tour came abruptly to an end

when a needle I found fallen

From a tablecloth I was making,

smitten with hope this wasn’t the end.


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